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How a ride to no where, changed my life.

How a ride to no where, changed my life.

If you follow me on social media, there’s no way you’ve not seen me talk about my new love… MY PELOTON! Ever heard of it? Commercials are everywhere now a days.

After so many messages on my Instagram and Facebook pages, I figured I’d write a post about THE PELOTON. It’s so much more than a bike. Where do I even begin?

So the Peloton bike is basically a virtual spin class to some, but again it’s so much more. The bike has a beautiful touchscreen attached to it. There are thousands of On Demand Classes OR Live classes as well. Follow others to get amazing support, high fives etc. Did I mention Peloton celebrates your milestones as well? Pure genius! I never got that type of support from the gym lol Beyond the spin classes, there are bootcamps, specific workouts, yoga and more. I can easily pull up the app and stream to my TV too, awesome right? Who needs a gym?

The community with Peloton and its amazing instructors is where everything changed for me. Why does this matter? Support in health & wellness, weightloss or any journey for that matter is awesome for loners like myself. I’ve made some amazing connections because of this bike that goes no where.

Most of you know I had major knee surgery in 2017, which took me away from shooting weddings etc. Well, riding daily has not only got me back into great shape, but it’s strengthened my legs so much! My knees feel amazing! I’m able to squat, jump, lunge, and ride with ease now. I started power zone training about a month ago using the Peloton and the muscle and power I’ve developed is exciting to me. So much so I’ve added weddings back into my workflow! So that’s that, if you’d like to know more about Peloton, just ask, I love it, I’m more than happy to share.

Want to grab one for yourself? Let me know, cause I’d love to share a code with you to get $100 off your accessories. Trust me, real cycling shoes made a difference! Happy Riding, if you’re local and want to check it out, hit me up, come try it. I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!