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March 25, 2008, is the day I lost my “good” job.  I remember curling up in the corner of my closet, hiding from my four small children and crying until there were no more tears.  My life was in a million pieces, first my marriage was over, then my job was gone and here I was, now a single mom, without a job.  I did not want to come out of the darkness, I’d fallen too deep and so fast.  I wanted it all to be over. YES, OVER. Thank God for my children… Or I would not be here.  I’d already buried a child, now all of this, what was the point of my being here?  To be in pain and struggle?  Depression is real.  Can anyone relate? I can not be the only one… Just maybe the only one to speak about it.

Let’s fast forward to today…

It’s March 25, 2017… I have NEVER worked a JOB again.  I have never worked for someone else again.  I have never had someone else tell me my position again, I created it.  I became the boss.  Let that sit for a second.  Not only that, I surpassed my salary the first year in business and every year since has been increase.  And let’s be clear, that job paid me really well.


When I look back now, I know the job was a stepping stone. My life was never about the job, the titles, the degrees, the accolades, etc.  The job created relationships that would build strength, wisdom, character and knowledge in this young grasshopper. The job was my path to success, NOT my success.  This took years for me to understand.  God knew I’d never quit my “good job” so he took it from me.  He gave me the vision, but not the instructions on how to accomplish it.  I had to figure that out on my own. It was the BEST thing to ever happen in my professional career and my life. 

I don’t often share my story, but I felt compelled to do so today.  So many are lost right now or in the corner of their closets.  Facing what feels like the impossible.  Some find themselves in the same darkness that I once did, and they sit silent, like I did.  Embarrassed, confused, lost? A million emotions around it, I get it.  I’m reaching out to you.  I am here.  Whatever it is that has you there, you don’t have remain there.  I rewrote my story… I created my path when it felt like the road had ended.  Sure I cried a ton of tears along the way, but every tear shed was watering the determination under my feet. 

Since that crazy day, I’ve traveled the world doing what I love.  That’s not a boast or brag, I don’t need to do that, but I want you to see life is bigger than where you are right now.  I’ve been capturing life and love with a camera, proving that people who were once in their “closet moment” existed where they once felt alone.  Who would have thought? A camera saved my life.  Not me. God had greater purpose for me than that JOB, but he had to take me through some things first.  He had to break me down, to build me up better. It had to be done, so one day, I could appreciate the “closet moments” of my life.   

If you’re in your “closet moment” right now, dig deep, let those tears fall, there is strength in it, activate your faith… do not sit there long.  Figure out the lesson in the pains of your life.

I’m passionate about people and purpose.  So here’s to vision, peace, purpose and prosperity.  Claim it.  No one ever said it would be easy, but trust me, it will be worth it.  Hold on a little while longer.  Surround yourself with conquerors, eventually you’ll be one as well.  By the way, never forget where you have come from… the growth is hidden within that.


love & light,  

I’m Tasha Prescott and I’m a photographer with purpose greater than myself.