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Next time something is going wrong, I want you to remember someone’s situation is much worse, and could be permanent.  Someone lost a love one, someone lost a job, someone is sick, anything.  A fire alarm chirping every 45 seconds, it’s annoying but again, not permanent.  We have to learn to appreciate every moment.  Life is so short, it’s also… temporary.  Laugh at the small stuff, shrug your shoulders at everything else.  It’s going to be fine.  Grab a glass of lemonade, take a sip and breath… You’re a lot stronger than you think, trust me.  And well, no one knows what storms you’re weathering unless you tell them.  Share your storm, someone may just share their umbrella.  Light & Love, Tasha.

Remember I mentioned before, its time to start working on daily personal development, here’s a book for you, and you can grab it just by clicking the title. Simple enough right?  Relentless, From good to Great to UNSTOPPABLE.