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Who is Tasha Prescott?

I am more than the woman behind the camera.  Often times, we forget the human on the other side, so I decided to share a little more about myself here with you…

So scroll on down! 

I am a former IT specialist, who specialized in Database Management & Sharepoint.  When everything crashed in 2008, so did my position as a military contractor.  Here I was, a soon to be single mom of four (I was in the middle of a divorce) and now my job was gone. I remember crying for hours in my closet, hiding from my children and trying to prepare myself for what was to come next.  I decided to give myself a year to pursue photography.  

What I’ve realized since then, photography was more than my passion, it was my purpose. 

In my downtime, I love to enjoy a good cup of tea with friends or business associates.  While I love collecting Starbucks mugs when I travel, I actual enjoy visiting the local small coffee shops for my tea or coffee.  Support local, of course!

I am a mother before everything else.  These four bring me so much joy, and everything I do is for them.  My son is an Army Engineer, my twins are college students, and my youngest is a high school senior, heading off to college next.  Proud mom for sure!  Together we love enjoying movies, traveling, and a quick day to the beach is never too much to ask.