Work with it...

I used to think I needed this and that to be successful, but when I had those very things I failed.  Failure caused me to retreat from what I believed about myself, my potential and my own goals.  It was tough.  It took years to heal, and here I am. I made it.

I may not have it all figured out but I know my purpose here. I know that I got through some tough emotional barriers of my own through photography, and I can help other women do the same.  Here's to working within your purpose, making no excuses, understanding that crawling before you walk is a way of passage and believing in yourself. A studio didn't make me, a space doesn't define me, and well I can create wherever I need. 

Here's to new adventures for such a time as this.  I'm grateful God humbled me, and has shown me to work with what I have until He's ready to bless me with more. I'm here for the journey.


Tasha PrescottComment