I believe, do you?

This year feels as though every day has been a test.  A test of my patience, my belief, my power to change and every thing else you can imagine, yet every morning I've found myself awakened a little more and a little closer to myself.

 How is it one moment I could feel completely defeated and by the next morning, I was ready to take on the world all over again?   To put it simply, I'm human but I believe!  I believe we wake up everyday with another opportunity.  I believe that life happens, sure, but it doesn't stop us from living, honestly, our thinking does.  So I made a promise to myself, I would wake daily with a new perspective.  Forget what happened yesterday, last week, last year.  I promised to live my life one day at a time and to ask myself, "Will this conversation, action or decision place me any closer to my ultimate goal, will it bring joy to me and the others involved?"  If the answer was No, well that was a wrap. I believe by changing my thinking, I'm slowly taking back control of my environment but most importantly, my own wellbeing. 

Photographing people has always brightened my days, and then those days started to get gloomy last year.  I had to make a shift.  I'm excited for the shift and I believe listening to God's whispers was extremely important, it took me two years to listen, but I'm here.  Some have said to me several times my sessions were like ministry and I get it now. Helping others see themselves in a way perhaps they've never seen, giving them back themselves, not only ministers to my soul but theirs as well.  I believe what I do has the power to heal, restore and elevate.  So when people ask me why Portraits, my answer is, "Why not? I want clients to know, You exist, I see you and others will as well.  You matter." I believe it's just that powerful. Do you? 

Perhaps you should take a chance and step in front of my camera and find out for yourself? We can be lifechangers together. Help me open eyes, warm hearts and share dreams... 



Joy is waiting to emerge...  

Tasha PrescottComment