Wait, until you can't wait anymore...

My nights began to get shorter it seemed.  Sleep was no where in sight, I was completely restless.  All I could think about was a camera in my hands, and people smiling at what I had produced.  It was as though someone had frozen time but only for me.  To bring perspective to what I'm saying, Imagine standing in the median of the busiest highway, waiting to cross, but all of the cars are zooming past. There you are, standing still, unable to cross, and no one is waiting on you.  That's what the last five weeks since surgery felt like for me.


 For almost ten years, I have had a camera in my hand, and beyond that I was able to do everything on my own, so recovery was a struggle but I played along... well for two full weeks in the beginning.  I followed the doctors orders verbatim, and I went to physical therapy with a positive attitude daily.  I made up in my mind that my recovery would not be typical, and that twelve weeks was just not my story.  I woke up daily and prayed, meditated and tried a little harder each day, walked on my own a little further and again, stayed positive.  Before I knew it, I could walk unassisted.  First step, good bye crutches.  The doctors and therapists were amazed at my progress.  The secret, just being in overall great shape beforehand, and having a positive mindset.


 The same goes for business.  I used the down time to completely demolish my business and rebuild its structure, practices and pricing.  No more weddings was the goal and then I had to figure out how to replace the income through portraits.  I studied, I read, I attended online workshops and education. I went through workbooks, I became slightly obsessed to succeed in Portraits doing things my way. I've not felt this good in a long time about the direction my business was going. 


Last weekend, it was time to really test things out.  Could I shoot like me, still recovering?  Yes.  Could I walk a client through the process and produce amazing images along the way? Yes.  Was I willing to stick to my own belief that I could rock portraits or keep trying until I do? Yes.  The wait was worth it.  The tears were worth it.  Life is forever changing, but I've learned, so am I. 


I'll post a peek into the session soon, but for now ironically, I'm waiting in a hospital waiting room.  Sit and wait, all the time right?  Even right now, business is in my mind.  I got my love for the art back!  

As far as me shooting, The wait is over, I'm back and I need you in front of my camera.  I need you to experience a portrait session with me.  Help perfect it.  I want to shoot you.  What are you waiting for?  Sometimes you just have to pick up a positive attitude and jump!  Timing will never be perfect but I can promise to create the perfect session just for you, Tasha  




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