As women, we often are taking care of everyone but ourselves.  One of things I’ve learned over the years is simple “I don’t do enough for myself, and I should.” We should be able to celebrate who we are, right now, in this moment.  Why not do so in the most beautiful way possible?  Photography.  There is nothing more gorgeous than a confident woman.  I doubt that many would disagree with me, and if you don’t think that’s you, I promise you, it is… We just have to bring it out.  Let’s schedule a couple hours away from the busy world we called LIFE, and celebrate what makes you special with a boudoir session like no other.  Enjoy being pampered with a hair & makeup session, and then wardrobe, and of course, amazing photography.  Scared?  Awesome, most are, because it is completely out of their comfort zone.  The cool thing is Its time to get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable and living life to the fullest!  The session is done to your comfort level, so lets chat, lets plan, and Lets Shoot!


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