Every day, it became more and more obvious… Life was out of balance.  Things began to fade, and as much as I liked to pretend as though I didn’t see it, I knew… I was off track, not just in business, not just in training, but in LIFE…  Whew, that’s hard to even admit right now, but it’s true.  Some will judge, some will relate, it doesn’t matter, I need to say it out loud, because it’s time I hold myself accountable.

Have you ever been extremely busy, can’t find the time to accomplish anything, but yet I look back it now, and wonder “what was I busy doing?”  Business was in it’s slow season, training had stopped, almost completely, kids were off season from their sports and my husband was gone… “WHAT WAS I BUSY DOING?”  Procrastinating, making excuses, and being… Lazy.  Let’s call it was it is.  I didn’t want to be successful apparently, I didn’t want to be the best at anything, apparently, I wanted to be ordinary, apparently,  go unnoticed, and so I did, and now, it hurts.  I just did not want to be seen, and honestly, my life was out of balance. Now, I’m feeling every bit of my lazy.

We can stay out of balance,  as long as we want to, but for me the truth is, once I realized I was busy doing nothing, being no one, being lazy, being unproductive, there wasn’t a whisper, it was a yell, very LOUDLY, from my scale and my business email, “This is NOT who you are!  This is not what you want to teach your children, your followers or your clients! GET UP and get moving!”  Just like that, the phase had to be over.

I needed to decompress. I needed quiet.  I didn’t know that’s what I needed at time, but I’m grateful God knew.  I was under so much pressure, to be great, to be perfect, to be impressive, that I forgot, to just be me.  Out of balance.  Who am I?  Its a question I often asked myself during that time, never getting a response.  How do you not answer yourself, when only you know the answer?  Then expect others to have one for you? No, it doesn’t work like that.  Choices.  I know others have been there, most aren’t bold enough to speak it publicly, but I hope my voice, gets that whisper through to you as well.  I hope that whisper, or shoulder tap, becomes a loud YELL.  I hope this post, hits you right where you need it to.  WAKEUP, GET UP, this is NOT who you are.  You don’t have to stay here, choose to move.  Let's go! 

some of my favorite cookbooks as of late... to try them for yourself, try my  here . #ad

some of my favorite cookbooks as of late... to try them for yourself, try my here. #ad