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Tea time with Dr Jen

Tasha PrescottComment
Tea time with Dr Jen


Tea time anyone?  Often when I’ve said Namaste to someone, they give me a confused look like “What did you say? or What’s that mean?”  Its a greeting of respect.  With so many things surrounding me lately, my life vibrations have been off, the energy has been misplaced and I found myself deeply saddened and unable to pull myself out of it. It wasn’t until having a conversation with a friend, was I able to see that I had the power to change all of that.  So I chose to celebrate the life we have left, go on adventures, laugh and be JOY, not just experience but Be Joy as well.

This led to a trip to Southern Pines, to visit our friend Dr. Jen at Wood Element.  We met her a few years ago, and as with most people she instantly took to my youngest daughter, Akira.  There’s just something about that kid that pulls people in, she’s the gatherer.  So after asking a mutual about my girls a few times, we said lets go see her.  My calendar was unexpectedly free that morning, so why not make a quick road trip right?  GO Live is our new moto…  When we arrived, Jen, Holmes and Shirley greeted us with their infectious smiles and already I could feel the hug within the room..  The energy was full of peace and joy.  Its that thing I knew I would feel the most. They are pretty amazing people, and I enjoy their presence every time I see them.

Jen began sharing the teas and educating us on the differences, which if you know me I am a tea junky, but this was different.  They all have purpose.  Our noses were on a field trip through scents of jasmine and more, and well, I’d go on that trip any day, trust me.  We sat together, we sipped together, we laughed together.  Jen had acupuncture clients scheduled throughout the day and we got lucky and one said, we could come see!  What!! Of course we want to see. Our field trip was elevated to a level 20, GO COOL mom, right? lol (I will be easing my way into her busy calendar as soon as I can find an opening)

Afterwards, we enjoyed even more teas and talked about their Europe and Asia adventures.  The travel bug in me was looking up flights for the end of the year before I even left the building.  I LOVE to travel and well Europe and Asia are high on my list of must do. Anyways, For some I may be rambling at this point, and I share all of this to say this:  Don’t get so caught up living your life, you forget to LIVE your LIFE.  Let it marinate for a bit, and hopefully it will make sense.

GO live, be present, be adventurous, be spontaneous.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve taken time for granted, and I refuse to do that anymore.  Its time we celebrate LIFE, someone’s just changed while writing this, and regrets have stepped in.  Leave little room for regrets… Now don’t get crazy and blame me, I’m just saying, stop thinking about some of the things that are very doable as goals, make them realities.  Make your goals and dreams so big you get slightly nauseous… Hit them and make some more.  Oh yea, and capture it all on camera, or it didn’t happen.

If you’re ever in Southern Pines, be sure to stop by and see Dr Jen at Wood Element, she’s amazing.  She even read my tongue for me, it read a lot healthier than the last time 🙂 Did I mention she specializes in Chinese medicine? She’s pretty amazing!

Happy Monday!