You make me better...


It had been planned for a month.  What will we do there? I asked a million times, and changed my answer a million and one.  I know, that’s how I am, most of the time, ok fine, all of the time, but whatever right?  At least I’m honest.  Days before, a business call changed everything.  I began to make different plans, then arrangements for someone else to cover me.  I left our plans hanging in the balance.  I put business before you guys, and I’m sorry.

God corrected me, the situation changed, and we went on as planned to celebrate.  I have to admit though, I felt guilty.  Am I the only one who feels guilty when we can’t be everything to everyone, all of the time?  Does it make me too connected to my clients, or not connected enough to my family?  I have to find balance.  While all of our plans were thrown out the window once we arrived, or so it seems, everything was perfect all the same.  I guess it goes to show, our plans are nothing when God steps in.  We shopped, we ate, we laughed, we slept, and we did it all over again.  We sat at dinner with iPhones off, rested in the center of the table, and enjoyed each others conversation.  We were amazed  at how our waitress complimented our “No phones” rule.  I suppose she doesn’t see that often huh?  Great idea, we have to do that more often, and just be… together.  We played silly games of naming people, and laughed til we almost cried.  We create our own perfection, doing nothing, together.

How can something so simple, be so perfect?  I pray that as you continue to grow up, you realize, even in my failures I was thinking of you.  You guys make it all better.  Life just wouldn’t be with same.  I’m so proud to be the one God entrusted to be your mother.




Hard to believe they are 18!