I’m tasha Prescott

Visual Story Teller

Vision Strategist and ALl around BOSS CHIC

My Services

Personal Branding Photos

You are your personal brand.  The session for building your personal brand focuses on WHO you are, as well as the impression you’d like to leave through the imagery. 

Lifestyle Photos

There is never a reason needed to be photographed.  This session is great for celebrating, anniversaries, birthdays and more.  Let’s not forget, just because you felt like it.

Business Branding

You’re a business professional and looking to attract your ideal client.  Not only will we create your professional brand, we will do some prework to make sure we NAIL it! 

I help others SEE their Greatness personally and professionally.

I’m a Visual Story Teller and Vision Strategist.  

Dreams are not meant to remain dreams,

I help people develop them into reality.

Connect with Me 

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Ok, I’m a Gemini, and I’m so amazing… LOL Just kidding, well not really but you know, I don’t want to scare you off with the first paragraph!  This is the place where you’ll learn about ME, Tasha, not the brand, Tasha Prescott.  I wish sometimes my story included me knowing I would be a photographer all of my life, or my grandfather teaching me from his old film camera many years ago, but that’s just not my story.  So while I can’t tell you those things, I will say this… I picked up a friend’s camera, took a photo, it was published and I was hooked.  Yep, just like that, the beginning of some healing beganI did everything I felt I needed to learn my craft, and then I realized the one thing missing was ME. I decided to find my own voice within the art, and it was there, I created the “TP Experience.” I was photographed by many other photographers on purpose, to decide what I wanted my clients to experience. Doing this changed my entire business model.  In doing so, I began to LOVE photography and the impact I was able to make in all of the lives that CHOSE ME.


Little known fact, I didn’t have a passport until I became a photographer!  Crazy right?  These cameras have taken me around the world, and I don’t say that to boast or brag, but to say, I’ve been blessed to photograph LIFE not only here in the US, but beyond as well.  I’ve been commissioned to capture mission trips, medical missions, girls trips, and many destination weddings abroad.  Who knew what would come of picking up my friend’s camera standing along the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston, SC one cold night in December 2006.  God KNEW! Yep, that’s right, I’m a God Girl and give him all honor for where he’s taken me thus far, and where I’m heading. How can I not?


I encourage everyone to BELIEVE in their Dreams, and be willing to do the work to make it come true!